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funding sustainability

Free whitepaper on why Islamic finance is a game-changer for funding sustainable projects

by prof. kevin haines and dr. scott levy

islamic finance

Ethical projects, shared risk and tangible assets, there is scope for Islamic Finance to be used to finance U.N. SDGs.

the 's' in esg

Western finance has traditionally struggled with the Social aspect of ESG, something that is fundamental to Islamic Finance.

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DGL has conducted its corporate social responsibility activities and programs specifically targeting the following SDGs: 1, 3, 4, 5,8 and 9. Click here to read how.

Sukuk Details:

  • Amount: USD 250 Million

  • Yield: 9.0% p.a.

  • Maturity: 2027




An ethical investment solution created with the purpose of identifying and providing capital to companies that create solutions to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and provide sustainable sources of growth. 

From inception, Orestes incorporates a comprehensive ethical sustainability programme into its selection processes; drawing on more than thirty years of industry-leading experience in portfolio management and top-flight academic insight into the complex areas of ethical investing, ESG, sustainability and green investments.

About Al Waseelah

Al Waseelah is an award-winning platform dedicated to the democratisation of Sukuk issuance and promoting the global growth of Islamic Capital Markets. 

  • Fully Shariah compliant issuance and securitization platform
  • Listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Based in the UK using English Law as the legal framework 
  • Flexibility for duration and currency
  • Time and cost-efficient plug and play solution
  • Freely Transferable

Authors Behind The Whitepaper

Scott Levy Picture

Dr. Scott Levy

ceo of bedford row capital

Scott has spent more than 25 years working in Financial Services around the world. Scott specialises in asset-backed securities, securitisation, debt capital markets, structuring, Islamic Finance and asset management. Scott has founded several financial service companies including Bedford Row Capital, the debt capital market specialist which is consistently ranked in the top 100 by Bloomberg. Scott is a Senior Member of Wolfson College, Cambridge and an advisor to the UK Islamic Finance Council (UKIFC), working on the alignment of Islamic Finance with Sustainable Development. 

Kevin haines picture

Professor Kevin Haines

Director of Al Waseelah PLC

Kevin has a distinguished background in academia, having spent over 20 years leading departments at the University of
Swansea and the University of Trinidad and Tobago. In his roles at Sustainable Capital and Al Waseelah, he joins the dots
between the world of finance and the world of academia, acting as an intermediary to create opportunities so that firms can
create great returns for investors whilst doing great work for the planet. 

countless synergies between esg and islamic finance

ethically focused finance

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